Returning to Work

Once in a while, workers who have had positive experiences for several years are faced with a new boss or coworker who want to make their life miserable. The difficulties start as small incidents and they usually grow to become intolerable. The victim of these attacks first cannot explain the reason why the “attacker” is so pervasive and they start to feel uncertain about how to get themselves out of these situations. The victim can usually not see the picture clearly and needs another person to help them understand and think strategically. Someone who can help re-accommodate the pieces on the board in order to change the game.

Alex consulted a therapist because after several years of working at the same company, a new boss arrived and started to put her down, criticized everything she did and called her incompetent, for the same job that she has been successfully performing. The new boss would not acknowledge any of Alex’s accomplishments and hard work and experience and continued to look for reasons to put her down. Her boss stopped including Alex in team meetings, increased her workload and gave her low reviews in her job performance evaluations. Alex worked harder than ever and took all the criticisms from her boss at heart. This situation over time brought Alex’s self-esteem and self-confidence down until a point when she had difficulties sleeping, her appetite diminished, she found herself not being able to focus and concentrate as well, and became very irritable even after work.

Paul was a partner at a prestigious firm as a successful accountant. Due to a stressful environment and increasing volumes of work, he started feeling less and less energetic, had some difficulties with concentration, and started feeling sad and guilty. Over time, he also developed difficulties with sleep, felt tired during the day, and felt worthless and hopeless.

These are examples of situations in which people need to seek outside support. In Alex’s case, due to a harassment situation in the office that led to anxiety and in Paul’s situation, due to stress at work-induced depression.

A therapist at CBT Psychology for Personal Development can help you to think about your situation from a wider perspective. They can help you think about your options in terms of how to handle the different situations at work and how to take care of your self. The goal for therapy will be to help you stop the downward spiral and get you back to your best self.

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