Personality Disorders

People with personality disorders present with behaviours, thought patterns and social interactions that are dysfunctional. Their personality traits are intense, inflexible, and maladaptive. These characteristics negatively affect their mood, behaviours, and social interactions and can cause distress in the person experiencing them as well as in those around them. People with personality disorders have trouble understanding situations and relating to others and may not even realize they have a problem, as their thoughts seem normal to themselves. They perceive the world and the actions of others, from a perspective that is rooted in inappropriate assumptions.

There are personality disorders that characterized by odd and unusual thinking and typically involve problems with social relationships, these include:

People with the following personality disorders are highly emotional and dramatic and display impulsive and unpredictable behaviour. They may not think before acting and drive recklessly, engage in risky sexual behaviour or use drugs and alcohol:

The third cluster or personality disorders are characterized by feelings of anxiety and fearful thinking and behaviour:

Treatment is available and can help you learn how to manage your symptoms and reduce maladaptive behaviours to help improve your everyday life.

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