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Mindfulness Meditation Thornhill

Mindfulness Meditation, Thornhill

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of focusing on the present moment. It allows us to overcome suffering and access our natural wisdom. The methMindfulness Meditation - CBT Psychologyod is simple: just focus on your breath, a bodily sensation, or a mental activity like counting. The action of bringing the attention to the same focus repeatedly builds a sense of calm and safety.

Research shows that a regular practice in mindfulness meditation allows us to strengthen our brains. We recognize that our thoughts and feelings come and go, which allows us to manage emotions better. The practice of meditation helps to reduce stress and anxiety, manage pain, addictive behaviours and prevent relapse from depression. It also complements the treatment of medical conditions like chronic pain, hypertension, dermatological problems and immunological disorders.

Mindfulness means paying attention to all of the details of our experience as it happens, moment by moment. We notice thoughts as they come and go, the emotions and sensations as they arise, and then slowly change or fade. Instead of avoiding the experience of unpleasant emotions, we embrace them. By being mindful, we become present in our lives, and embrace a sense of being more awake, focused and attentive. To learn more about how practicing Mindfulness Meditation boosts your brain’s health, click here.

Meditation is a practice that leads us to relax and calm the body and mind, to develop compassion and a sense of inner peace and happiness. If you are wondering if you could do it, the answer is that everyone can meditate.

So, how do you actually practice mindfulness meditation? The best way to learn is to take a course to understand all the basics, and start practicing with the guidance of an instructor.

Mindfulness Meditation Course for Adults and Teens


CBT Psychology for Personal Development offers sessions in small groups for teenagers and adults who want to develop a practice in mindfulness meditation.

This course is for beginners and offers an introduction to various meditation practices. You will learn everything you need to know to start practicing, and continuing your practice at home.

If you are interested in participating, we offer 2 options for beginners:


1. Mindfulness Meditation course: Six 1-hour classes, once a week. Registration is now open for the next course.
The course will run for 1-hour once a week for a total of 6 weeks.
The group runs during the day or in the evening and participants learn a variety of meditation practices as well as ways to introduce mindfulness into daily life. This allows people to acquire and practice the skills throughout the week. Participants have the opportunity to share their experiences and learn from each other.


2. We now also offer a One-day workshop on a Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.
This is a special format ideal for busy people who cannot commit to coming for 6 weeks. For example: people who travel for work, have busy weekly family schedule, or students that are out of town. This workshop teaches the same practices and instruction as the weekly course in one day.


What will you learn?

  • How to practice mindfulness and meditation
  • Different ways to apply mindfulness in daily life situations
  • Various meditation practices to see which one fits best with your lifestyle and preference
  • How mindfulness helps decrease anxious thoughts, sadness, anger, stress and chronic pain
  • Exercises to develop compassion and self-compassion

This course/workshop will help you develop skills to:

  • Train your mind to increase concentration and focus
  • Be aware of your thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations
  • Be present in the moment
  • Distance yourself from your emotions, thoughts and physical sensations
  • Cultivate kind awareness and acceptance of what is happening
  • Let go of unhelpful cycles (using your breath)
We are starting a Mindfulness Meditation Course suitable for beginners and intermediate students.

The Course will begin on: to be posted

This course has consistently received high ratings on the level of expertise and knowledge of the instructor, her teaching quality and her ability to keep the participants interested and engaged. Participants report that they have been able to introduce mindfulness into their lives in an easy manner.

Here are some comments that past participants said about the course:

“I really enjoyed trying the different varieties of meditation practices” 

“I learned some tools to bring mindfulness that I use now in my daily life”

“I gained a good knowledge about awareness and how to keep a regular practice which will benefit me greatly”

“Dr. Silvina is awesome; so calm, clear, thorough & effective. She is an amazing person for facilitating this kind of practice!”

” Dr. Silvina’s calm smoothing voice helped to make the whole experience better. I could tell she believes in what she is teaching others”

Please contact us at this link for costs and information. 
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