CBT Group for Anxiety and Depression



CBT Group Therapy for people with Anxiety and/or Depression

The groups are led by Dr. Silvina Galperin, Clinical Psychologist, Certified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with over 10 years of experience helping people with anxiety and depression using CBT. Dr. Galperin has ran CBT groups for depression at CAMH and other mental health agencies and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to these therapy groups.

In this CBT Group for Anxiety and Depression, participants will learn strategies and techniques to cope with depressive thoughts, worries, and rumination. They will explore different ways to help themselves cope with the support and encouragement of the therapist and peers.

The CBT Group for anxiety and depression is a short-term treatment approach that helps individuals become aware of their depressive or anxious thought patterns and behaviours.  In each session, participants learn specific skills to help themselves feel better, cope with and manage their difficulties, and decrease the risk of future relapse.

Participants of this CBT group for anxiety and depression will learn how to:

  • Challenge negative automatic thoughts
  • Change unhelpful thinking patterns
  • Develop new ways of thinking
  • Create behavioural experiments to overcome anxious or depressive beliefs
  • Prepare Action Plans to solve daily difficulties
  • Question own negative core beliefs, (chronic and deep-rooted thinking and behavioural patterns) such as “I am inadequate” or ”Nobody likes me”
  • Develop new healthy core beliefs

There are various benefits of attending a therapy group. These include:

  • Having the support of others with similar difficulties
  • Receiving psycho-education about the mental illness and how to manage it
  • An increased sense of hope as a result of feeling in control of the own mental health

 Our next CBT group for Anxiety and Depression begins on: to be posted

The fee for the full course is $500 and it is covered by extended health insurance companies as it is facilitated by a Registered Psychologist. In order to qualify for the group, a phone interview with the psychologist is required to evaluate if this group is a good fit for each person.

If you are interested in joining the CBT group, please click here to register, as this group fills up fast.

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