Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorders have became one of the most common reasons for consultation in the therapists’ practices. Everyone experiences anxiety at some points in their lives. However, when the anxiety interferes with the normal daily functioning it is possible that it went from being a passing state to a chronic situation. Anxiety can cause problems with focus and concentration, dizziness, stomachaches, fear, worry, and nervousness to the point where it becomes overwhelming, and it affects the person’s ability to lead a normal life. It can cause problems with sleeping, shortness of breath, heart palpitations and physical discomfort. Anxiety can be triggered by how people interprets certain situations, what they say to themselves about their ability to cope and how they respond to a variety of challenging situations. There is a normal level of anxiety that most people feel in daily life circumstances. However, when the anxiety causes impairments and affects the psychological, social, work or educational activities and the person cannot control it, they may meet criteria for an anxiety disorder.

Stressful life circumstances together with a genetic predisposition can trigger the first episode of severe anxiety. After the first episode, it usually becomes easier for the anxiety to manifest even when there are no circumstances that warrant the anxious response. Anxiety disorders usually run in families, so children see in one or both of their parents reactions that may influence them as well. At the same time, parents usually understand very well what their children are going through because they had or still have similar issues

Anxiety disorder

Anxious thoughts: “They probably think I am not good enough.”

Anxiety disorders can only be diagnosed by a Registered Psychologist, Psychiatrist or Family Physician. There are a few different anxiety disorders based on the characteristics and symptoms of each.

The following links offer more information about specific Anxiety Disorders and how they are treated.

If you believe you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder, we can help. Our therapist are experienced in treating people with all the anxiety disorders using evidence based psychological techniques.

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