Anger Management

anger management

Anger management problems can happen to anyone. Reacting to negative or highly emotional situations in life can sometimes lead to feelings of anger; this is a natural reaction to something upsetting. Sometimes, anger can become uncontrollable and unreasonable, causing a negative impact on personal relationships, careers, and overall level of satisfaction and happiness in life. This can be avoided with the proper anger management techniques. These techniques include learning how to relax when you become tense because of the anger, raising awareness about the situations that trigger the anger and learning strategies to control your reactions. People sometimes reacts in ways that bring consequences that later regret, but it is too late. However, they continue to make the same mistakes because when they get angry, they absolutely have no control over their words or actions. The CBT treatment for anger will teach you exactly, step by step, what to do, using strategies that work and have helped many people. These new tools will help you gain control over your behaviour when interacting with others.

If you feel that you have a short fuse, it probably feels as though you have very little control over your reactions to your temper flares. You have more control than you may think; and when you take control of your anger instead of blowing up, you will not only feel better, but so will the people around you. Mastering your anger is a tall task when going at it alone. Learning to control your temper and express yourself appropriately can improve your personal relationships, your career, and your overall personal health. CBT Psychology can help.

At CBT Psychology for Personal Development, we can provide treatment for feelings of persistent anger or uncontrollable rage. We use a diverse set of anger management techniques tailored to you. Your CBT therapist will give you the knowledge you need to control your anger before it starts to affect your relationships and overall daily life.

Get the Anger Management Help you need

If you notice that your anger management is causing your problems, it may be beneficial to seek out anger management therapy. Persistent feelings of anger or rage can sometimes get out of control, advancing to situations of aggression or violence. This can have a destructive effect on your personal and professional relationships.

When the anger is intense and persistent, the risk of certain health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and chronic depression increase.

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